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date 2022-07-21


JBA stands for Japan Bike Auction, a group company of USS, the largest used car auction company in Japan. JBA and USS have come together to provide a new used car distribution service in the Philippines that allows people to buy and sell used cars with confidence.


Now JBAP is the joint venture of GT Capital Mobility Ventures and Japan Bike Auction  Japan, alongside others such as Mitsui & CO, and etc. The birth of such business is to develop a more transparent and trustworthy pre-owned vehicle market that benefits both the consumers and sellers.



As a whole, JBAP envisions itself to be the leading innovative secondhand marketplace in the Asia Pacific region that is respected  for its transparent, efficient, and customer-focused servicing. As for promise, we are driven to give  nothing less than the standard when it comes to both purchasing and selling secondhand automobiles in the country.

In order to fulfill this promise, we will deliver an assortment of services starting with INSPECTED VEHICLES. JBAP brings to the table an app-based inspection system that each and every vehicle will be going through. The app lays out a 452-point inspection that is tagged in a Vehicle Information & Grading Sheet or VIGS for short.

What is VIGS? This is a computer-generated report that summarizes the vehicle’s exterior, interior, body structure, engine, and transmission inspection results that is made available for the would-be buyer — allowing them to understand and know what they are getting.



Aside from vehicle inspection, JBAP will provide EASY ACCESS TO FAST AND EFFICIENT BIDDING. The normal notion of bidding can sometimes be accompanied by elements of worry or even hassle, but not for our case. We offer fast and convenient buying processes that can be accessed digitally or physically. Meaning bidders can participate online or on-site depending on their preference. This medium grants access to bidders nationwide who are unable to visit our facilities.

Lastly, JBAP and our team are CUSTOMER-FOCUSED. Our customers are the main focus of everything and we are committed not just to deliver the best experience for buyers, but also to help elevate business for partnered sellers — an experience that allows growth and success.



We have big promises but we know we can deliver them because we have unparalleled automotive auction experience. As an expert in the business of automotive auctions in the Asia Pacific Region, we know what is required to deliver only the best for businesses and customers. Our experience holds years of auction and used car business from our connections to USS Co, Ltd., the biggest auction company in Japan. We also have strong strategic partnerships with leaders in finance and the automotive industry with Mitsui & Co., GT Capital and even Toyota.


JBAP is dedicated to improving the image of the used car market through its structured process, innovative technology, and transparent servicing.


That is who we are, and we are ready to serve you. If you want to see the benefits of a secondhand vehicle, we have the article for you! It is entitled Why Buy a Pre-Owned Vehicle? and contains vital information that will definitely benefit you.

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