Benefits of JBA Philippines's Auction

News picture Benefits of JBA Philippines's Auction
date 2022-04-26

Recognized by the world’s biggest auctioneers, JBA Philippines is an auto auction house partnered with GT Capital Mobility Ventures and JBA Japan.

Our vision is to become the leading innovative used car marketplace in the Asia Pacific, respected for our transparency, efficiency, and customer-centric service. 

Our mission is to improve the Philippines’ used car market through thoughtfully designed inspection processes, technologically innovative practices, and highly transparent servicing.


What is a JBAP Open House?

At the JBA Philippines Open House, you can place your best offer on the vehicle you want to take home. We will let you know via SMS or email if you’ve won the bid!

The JBAP Open House is usually scheduled from Mondays to Tuesdays at 10AM to 5PM and Wednesday 10AM to 3PM, as cut off for offers is at 3PM.

All offers are considered final, and there is a cancellation fee of PHP 10,000.00 if you fail to settle the account within 3 days notice.

But first, how do our auctions work? Let us guide you through the process.


A Buyer’s Auction Journey

  1. Send an email to or call at +632-8-724 JBAP ( 5227) or register online 
  2. We will send to you the listing and invite you to our open house
  3. Submit your offers and KYC information by 3pm cut off time 
  4. Wait for JBAP to notify you of your awarded vehicle
  5. Complete all KYC documents within 48 hours of your awarding or during the auction period
  6. Settle the payment within 3 days of notice of awarding. 
  7. Wait for Vehicle release and document releasing information from a JBAP representative.

For more information, visit



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  • why do i keep getting kicked of the site, when trying to view the vehicles you have for auctions
    date Mar 23 2024
    why do i keep getting kicked of the site, when trying to view the vehicles you have for auctions
  • Jan Kristian
    date May 26 2022
    How long have you been in this business?