5 Tips You Can Consider When Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle

News picture 5 Tips You Can Consider When Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle
date 2022-03-09

There’s simply no debate that looking for the perfect pre-owned vehicle is a taller task than buying a brand-new vehicle straight out of the dealership.

While there are many advantages to buying a pre-owned car, there are also many variables to consider when finding the right one for you.

With that, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind as you go along your journey.

Check for Vehicle Title and other documents

First off, making sure that the car you’re purchasing is being sold in good faith is imperative in any transaction.

If the car you’re planning to buy is still relatively new, try to find out if its insurance and warranty coverage can be carried over to the next owner.


Browse Market Prices and Stick to your Budget

Scour the market to see if you’re setting yourself up for a fair deal. Another thing you can do is to calculate a price estimate of the car you’re considering.

Setting a budget for yourself also keeps your finances on track since you may find yourself indulging in a few tempting offers. Remember to set a boundary for yourself and stick to it.


Know Vehicle History

Once you’ve selected the car you want to purchase, it’s important to get as much information as you can about how the previous owner used the vehicle after it was initially purchased.

Find out about its previous repairs, and if the vehicle has undergone any accidents.


Check its Mileage

A vehicle’s mileage can be an indicator of how much wear and tear a car experienced throughout its lifetime.

The average car travels around 10,000 km - 12,000 km each year so try to find out if the car you’re eyeing fits the benchmark.


Inspect the car from top to bottom

A quick eye test isn’t enough. It’s best to go through the exterior, interior, and even the inner workings of the car to truly know what you’re in for.

You might even uncover a few dents and damages that you can leverage to haggle a lower price.


JBAP Premium Auction for Pre-Owned Automobiles


JBAP can be a viable avenue for purchasing pre-owned vehicles because it checks the box on almost everything you need to consider when deciding to buy a used car.

The worry of transaction from unfiltered sellers is eliminated since JBAP goes through identity verification for each buyer and seller so the worry of purchasing false advertised cars is eliminated. As a company that upholds transparency as one of its main pillars to its patrons,

JBAP delivers on this promise through its Vehicle Information Grading Sheet (VIGS), a 452-point inspection that thoroughly evaluates a car’s condition in a detailed report before it is put up for auction.

Fully inspected pre-owned vehicles such as the ones being auctioned at JBAP undergo a 452 point inspection process to ensure both quality and transparency for their customers.

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