Digital Bid Auction

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Welcome to JBA Philippines! We are delighted that you are interested in being part of our upcoming auctions. Join now with just 3 easy steps!

    • a. Click on Register.
    • b. Choose which type of candidate you are
      • i. Seller
      • ii. Buyer
      • iii. Fill out the necessary fields and click submit.
    • c. Click submit and wait 24 to 48 hours of our confirmation email
    • d. After your confirmation sign into your account, you will then see your buyer ID number.

    • ** Please be informed that our partners may need you to fill out more information. JBAP will send an information sheet provided by our partners if necessary. you will need to affix your signature and send back to JBAP.

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After registration you will get a notification email that will indicate your customer ID.

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Joining the Hybrid Open House .
* we now accept physical and digital offers

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After signing in, you will receive an OTP via the mobile number you have placed in the system. This will further authenticate your username.

  • Tracking of payments
  • Tracking of Bid/s

Auction schedule is from Monday 10am to Wednesday 3pm
Offers made online are accepted anytime during the auction period.
On-site preview is :

  • Monday and Tuesday 10am to 5pm
  • Wednesday 10am to 3pm.

The JBAP open house will be held online and on-site in our facility. We still encourage you to visit our facility to personally inspect the vehicle you are purchasing. The vehicles for sale can be found in our Open storage facility.
You can search us through google and waze :
JBA Philippines Inc Open Storage or click the link Here

There are two types of bidding Place Bid and Buy now

Place an Offer

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You may place an offer on your own depending on your budget in multiples of Php 1,000.

Buy Now
** some vehicles may not have a buy now price.

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You can select buy now price. The buy now price is the amount set by the seller. The amount entitles you to avoid the bidding process quickly. If you click that and proceed you will be determined as the winner of the vehicle.

**Please be mindful that the buy now price button will be disabled after a certain amount of time and a certain amount of bid. From there, all bids will be welcomed as a free for all.

You may add the vehicle to your watchlist by clicking on the star icon on each vehicle's picture.
The watchlist screen will display those vehicles that were added as your favorite (by clicking the star icon) and vehicles that you are bidding on.

Yes you can! you will just need to send us a message via our sales officers and or an email at to schedule your visit.
On-site preview is :

  • Monday and Tuesday 10am to 5pm
  • Wednesday 10am to 3pm.

Our inspection method will be used as a guide for buyers so that they may see the potential of each vehicle. We do not guarantee our inspections, so it is still best that you come and visit the preferred vehicle prior to our auctions. Please be reminded that our cars are sold on an as is where is basis. We are only limited as to how we can guide you to make your best purchase.

  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Engine
  • Body Structure
  • Suspension

The inspection points we check accumulate to a total of 452 points. This helps us guide the buyers on which body parts, accessories, chassis should be checked thoroughly upon their own inspection.

Our report is composed of 5 parts all with grades A to F which you will find below. Basic car details will be included in the report including the start price.

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The second part of the report will contain the summary of the findings per part

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Absolutely not! JBAP will not charge any fee for our buyers.

You can know more information by downloading our Buyer's Guide : here.

This varies per partner; it can be as short as a few days up to 3 weeks. These all depend on the validity and the clarity of the documents you send to us.

You will be charged Php 10,000 per vehicle and will be banned from joining JBAP Auctions in the future. You will need to settle this within 48 hours of cancellation

We understand your excitement to join our auctions, you will need to follow a few more steps to be able to bid.
You will have three options

  • 1. Deposit via Cash or Managers Cheque at our JBAP Office
  • 2. Deposit via our designated bank account through bank transfer or over the counter
  • 3. Deposit via Metrobank Bills Payment Facility through the Metrobank App. You can check the procedure here

JBA Philippines Inc
Metrobank Account number: 715-7-715-022-504
Branch: Metrobank MetroPark Pasay City,Philippines

Please note. If you want to add more money while the auction is on going, it is highly recommended to deposit cash at JBAP office, Over the Counter via any Metrobank Branch, Metrobank App Bills payment facility. Other channels may require 2 to 3 hours verification

Please send us a copy of your deposit slip, your valid identification for first time registrants or your username or customer id for existing clients.
Remember also to give the date of auction you want to join through this email add: and we will also confirm from our end once we have received the payment.

If you will pay via a financing partner or a bank, you will need to send us your pre-approved loan upon registration indicating the partner of your choice.